Medium Duty

Variable displacement piston pumps are used in closed loop systems either as a single or tandem pump. Oil is circulated by the pump to the motor and then returned directly back to the pump. A charge supply is used to supplement the closed loop system with oil. The charge supply may be supplied by an internal charge pump (standard) or an external source.

Code Description Price
72400-RAD-04 PISTON PUMP 15SPL CW 0-40CC £2800.97 (exc VAT) Each
72400-RJS-04 PISTON PUMP 15SPL CW 0-50CC £2866.36 (exc VAT) Each
72400-RRZ-04 PUMP 15SPL CW 0-40CC 24V £3918.03 (exc VAT) Each
72400-SJV-04 PUMP 2.8 CONT VAR PUMP REAR £3968.03 (exc VAT) Each
72400-SKD-04 PUMP 2.48 SRV CONTR VAR DISP £3968.03 (exc VAT) Each