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A selection of items available at special net prices while stock available...

Clearance Items
Stock Code: 1B30-2

£1261.75 (exc VAT)

10pcs available at Special Net Price25.4 mm Keyed Shaft        12 Volt StarterThe...

Stock Code: 8AC2AE-65-00

£43.78 (exc VAT)

10pcs available at special net price The 8000 Series is a family of rugged switch joysticks. See Techniacl Data...

Stock Code: 870518

£46.35 (exc VAT)

20pcs available at special net priceVickers Cetop 3 ValveDouble Solenoid Open Centre 12V

Stock Code: 694413

£47.17 (exc VAT)

10pcs available at special net priceEaton Vickers Cetop 3 Dual Flow Controlrefer to technical download for further...

Stock Code: 869951

£35.02 (exc VAT)

15pcs available at this special net priceEaton Vickers UK Cetop 3 ValveSingle Solenoid Offset Dump 12V

Stock Code: 02-157719

£51.29 (exc VAT)

20pcs available at special net priceEaton Vickers UK SystemStakCetop 3Pilot Operated Check Valve5 Bar Check in line B

Stock Code: 833AN00062A

£92.19 (exc VAT)

20pcs available at special clearance priceCetop 36C Spool12 V dcTwist and lock override in solenoid ends

Stock Code: 02-358373

£55.62 (exc VAT)

5pcs available at special net clearance priceGenuine Vickers Cetop 3 Valve12V DC6C Spool  - A+B to tank , P Blocked

Stock Code: 810.042.0008

£231.75 (exc VAT)

10pcs available at special net priceBTM are static brakes with hydraulic pilot pressure for opening.The braking action...

Stock Code: 12120031

£540.75 (exc VAT)

6pcs available at special net price The mechanical clutches IM2 are fitted between motor (elecrical or...

Stock Code: 72400-RJW-04

£463.50 (exc VAT)

1pc available at Special Nett PriceAADRAAA13EE1TT0HA0A000A000D0-40ccCW Rotation15 Spline ShaftHydraulic Remote Control...

Stock Code: 06003165

£27.19 (exc VAT)

15pcs available at special priceincludes leverex Johnston Sweepers

Stock Code: HHP51622

£47.79 (exc VAT)

4pcs available at clearance priceHF745-20.106-AS-FG025-LC-B60-GE-B-DD-G-F2In line high pressure filter3/4" BSP...

Stock Code: 12330019

£289.84 (exc VAT)

10pcs available at special net price4:1 Ratio Cast Iron PTO Gearbox1-3/8" 6 Spline Male PTO Shaft InputSAE B Pump...

Stock Code: 03590337

£210.89 (exc VAT)

2pcs available at special priceCasappa Polaris Group 3, PLP30 Aluminium Gear PumpDisplacement 61.26cc/revMax Cont....

Stock Code: HHA33070

£37.69 (exc VAT)

40pcs available at special net clearance priceTank Mount Return Line FilterWorking pressure 8 bar10 micron...

Stock Code: VMDI3503B3

£12.98 (exc VAT)

Just 1pc available at special clearance price1/2" BSP portsDual Cross Relief ValvePressure to port V connects the...

Stock Code: HHE25210

£17.77 (exc VAT)

Special net price only 13pcs available1-1/4"bsp Ports25 Micron Cellulose1.7bar return only bypassNo indicator.

Stock Code: HHU00250

£93.01 (exc VAT)

HF525-30.292-AS-FG010-B25-2GG/2GF-B-XR-DA-M1-VSTank mounted return and suction line filter1" suction...

Stock Code: 1210022101

£126.54 (exc VAT)

4pcs available at special net price3/8" BSP portsSteel bodyUnloading valves are pressure-control devices that are...

Stock Code: VUR05C

£13.52 (exc VAT)

5pcs available at clearance price1" BSP portsSteel bodySpring set at 0.5 barPoppet style in-line check valveNo...

Stock Code: LS255

£9.22 (exc VAT)

5pcs available at special net priceSuitable for use with either D100 or D112 Frame Electric Motor & Group 3 Gear...

Stock Code: 1420021100

£13.52 (exc VAT)

1pc available at special price3/8" BSP portsDouble pilot operated check valveConnect the actuator ports to be...

Stock Code: CBSLHT0230C

£16.94 (exc VAT)

20pcs avalable at special net price - further discount available for full 20pc orderSingle Counterbalance/overcentre...

Stock Code: HHE25208

£15.91 (exc VAT)

HF620-30.210-AS-FG010-B0A-GG-B XA-GA-ESuction line filter3/4" BSP ports25 μm micro-fibre glass195mm long x...

Stock Code: 0079006008127Y0

£54.08 (exc VAT)

Just 3pcs available at special net price to clearGaltech Group 2 Gear Motor 6cc/rev with anti-cavSee Downloads for data...

Stock Code: TM1

£0.48 (exc VAT)

12pcs available at clearance priceSee Downloads for data sheet

Stock Code: SCV10050400-WE01

£81.11 (exc VAT)

Special net price while stock lasts10pcs availableWeaving Axle Lift CylinderDouble Acting Hydraulic...

Stock Code: SCV8030276-GRE2

£48.67 (exc VAT)

5pcs available at special net price

Stock Code: TMDF1

£0.98 (exc VAT)

50pcs available at special net price 1" Filler BreatherSee downloads for data sheet

Stock Code: BV2W04

£21.42 (exc VAT)

1 available at clearance price

Stock Code: F73

£3.79 (exc VAT)

Fan as used on Benford Terex Mecalac pedestrian roller MBR71 with 700-003 transmissionFan Part number - 1714-32