Casappa MVP

The MVP is available in displacements from 28cc/rev to 84cc/rev with maximum continuous pressures up to 280 Bar and drive speeds up to 3,000rpm.
The pump can be supplied as a single or tandem unit with a choice of SAE B or SAE C mounting flanges with an accompanying choice of SAE splined shafts.
All pumps are fitted as standard with minimum and maximum displacement controls to enable pump output to be tuned to the circuit requirement.
There are several choices of control options including pressure compensator, load sense (pressure/flow sensing) and torque limiter.
Load sense versions can be internally or externally piloted depending on the control type required. The torque limiter version is used to protect engines
from stalling, when the hydraulic requirement exceeds the available torque from the engine.

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Code Description Price
65090208 MVP30.28D-04S5-LMD/MB-N-RPO-G £2138.06 (exc VAT) Each
65090028 MVP30.28D-04S5-PMD/MB-V-LS2-E £1541.92 (exc VAT) Each
65090210 MVP30.34D-04S5-LMD/MB-N-LSO-G £2138.06 (exc VAT) Each
65100062 MVP48.45D-05S5-LME/MC-N-LSO-G £2491.25 (exc VAT) Each
65105114 MVP60.84D-06S8-LMF/MC-N-LSO-G £3727.10 (exc VAT) Each