Hydrostatic Transmissions


Hydrostatic Transmissions
Stock Code: 700-000

£1703.79 (exc VAT)

Special Assy delivery tbaAssembled with body rotated through 180 degreesNot as image above

Stock Code: 700-003

£1001.48 (exc VAT)

For Technical Literature - see DownloadsInput rotation - CW ReservoirDump Valve Output rotation - CCWAs used on Benford...

Stock Code: 700-039

£1223.53 (exc VAT)

Input rotation - CW ReservoirDump Valve Output rotation - CCWWide Band Neutral FluidThe standard factory fill is...

Stock Code: 700-040

£1162.83 (exc VAT)

Input rotation - CCW ReservoirDump Valve Output rotation - CW12 Tooth GearWide Band Neutral FluidThe standard factory...

Stock Code: 1100-004

£1727.03 (exc VAT)

FluidThe standard factory fill is premium hydraulic fluid having a viscosity equivalent to SAE 20W20.

Stock Code: F73

£3.79 (exc VAT)

Fan as used on Benford Terex Mecalac pedestrian roller MBR71 with 700-003 transmissionFan Part number - 1714-32

Stock Code: F72

£18.78 (exc VAT)

Note; Image is of F73 CCW Fan

Stock Code: 990088-000

£329.99 (exc VAT)

Stock Code: 990231-000

£345.84 (exc VAT)

Stock Code: 990314-000

£97.27 (exc VAT)

Stock Code: 990315-000

£54.97 (exc VAT)

Stock Code: 990077-000

£83.71 (exc VAT)

Reservoir , lid and seal ring to suit Eaton Light Duty Hydrostatic Models 6 and 7.

Stock Code: 990709-000

£73.50 (exc VAT)

Stock Code: 62184-000

£85.98 (exc VAT)

Input shaft for Model 7 Light Duty Eaton Hydrostatic Unit

Stock Code: 990374-000

£87.98 (exc VAT)