Solenoid Spool 3 Way Diverters

Available from HTLUK Walvoil DFE Series solenoid operated hydraulic diverters
Pressure Rating -   without case drain 200 Bar
Pressure Rating -   with case drain      315 Bar
Flow rate is limited by pressure - check the technical literature for your requirements.

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Code Description ports centre flow type volts case drain Price
12A640014 Walvoil DFE20/3A18ES-12VDC 3/4" open 110/140 lpm 3 way 12 Vdc na £285.96 (exc VAT) Each
5GIU001 DFE052 1/4"BSP Y DRAIN Drain 1/4" £11.39 (exc VAT) Each
5GIU004 DFE10 1/4"BSP Y DRAIN Drain 1/4" £13.24 (exc VAT) Each
5GIU007 DFE20 1/4"BSP Y DRAIN Drain 1/4" £15.14 (exc VAT) Each
V86050002 CONNECTOR BLACK DIN43650 ISO4400 Hirschmann £2.51 (exc VAT) Each
4SOL515012 SOLENOID 12VDC 38W DFE052 Coil 12V £43.50 (exc VAT) Each
4SOL519112 SOLENOID 12VDC 60W DFE20 Coil 12V £50.76 (exc VAT) Each
4SOL515024 SOLENOID 24VDC 38W DFE052 Coil 24V £43.50 (exc VAT) Each
4SOL516024A SOLENOID 24VDC 60W DFE10 Coil 24V £62.44 (exc VAT) Each
4SOL519124 SOLENOID 24VDC 60W DFE20 Coil 24V £70.05 (exc VAT) Each
4ACC516 RUBBER SOLENOID COVER Rubber Cover £3.82 (exc VAT) Each