Kappa KM Group 3 Gear Motors

KAPPA pump and motor units consist essentially of a housing and a mounting flange in cast iron of superior mechanical specifications. The rigidity of assembly and the compact design of KAPPA pumps and motors ensure reliability and high volumetric efficiency also at high operating pressures. KAPPA series is the right choice wherever noise, contamination, non inflammable fluids and size are critical factors.


Code Description Price
03578522 KM30.22B0-83E3-LED/ED-N £859.41 (exc VAT) Each
03578523 KM30.27B0-83E3-LED/ED-N £900.76 (exc VAT) Each
03578524 KM30.34B0-83E3-LED/ED-N £690.00 (exc VAT) Each
03578525 KM30.38B0-83E3-LED/ED-N £903.42 (exc VAT) Each
0356500O KM30.38G0-83E3-LED/ED-N-C-U3 (250)-CSC-VNR01 £1042.76 (exc VAT) Each