Hose Burst Cartridges

The flow is free in both directions under normal working conditions however with a sudden increase in flow from ‘B’ to ‘A’ the valve immediately stops the flow. The burst flow can be set by increasing or decreasing dimension ‘S’ to be verified during final testing of machine.The setting of ‘S’ is recommended to be 1.5 times the maximum descent flow from the actuator port to be controlled. Refer to downloads for data sheet.

Code Description size flow max pressure Price
HBV02 HOSE BURST VALVE CARTRIDGE 3/8" bsp 50 lpm 350 bar £11.81 (exc VAT) Each
VUBA04 HOSE BURST VALVE CARTRIDGE 3/4" bsp 150 lpm 350 bar £19.76 (exc VAT) Each
VUBA05 HOSE BURST VALVE CARTRIDGE 1" bsp 200 lpm 300 bar £27.60 (exc VAT) Each