Ikron HF620 Suction

The HF620 filter series is specifically designed to be connected on the suction or in the return line of the hydraulic circuit and provide versatility to safeguard the circuit components from contaminating particles.

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Port sizes are measured in BSP

All HF620 suction line filters come fitted with a 0.2bar bypass valve as standard unless otherwise indicated

Code Description Micron Port Price
HHE25208 HF620 SUCTION LINE 3/4" 25MICRON 60LPM NO BYPASS 25 3/4" £18.57 (exc VAT) Each
HHE13185 HF620 SUCTION LINE 3/4" 25MICRON 35LPM 25 3/4" £80.24 (exc VAT) Each
HHE18110 HF620 SUCTION LINE 3/4" 25MICRON 40LPM 25 3/4" £77.39 (exc VAT) Each
HHE24124 HF620 SUCTION LINE 1-1/4" 25MICRON 100LPM 25 1-1/4" £130.70 (exc VAT) Each