Spin On Suction and Return Filters


Spin On Suction and Return Filters
Stock Code: HHE13174

£65.07 (exc VAT)

HF620-20.135-AS-SP025-B17-GE-B B-XA-FP-D

Stock Code: HHE20028

£92.07 (exc VAT)

HF620-30.155-AS-SP010-B17-GG-B B-XA-FP-D

Stock Code: HHE25218

£105.04 (exc VAT)

HF620-30.210-AS-SP025-B17-GG-B B-XA-FP-D

Stock Code: HHE13576

£69.15 (exc VAT)

HF620-20.135-AS-SP010-B17-GE-B B-XA-FP-D

Stock Code: HHE20032

£92.07 (exc VAT)

HF620-30.155-AS-SP025-B17-GG-B B-XA-FP-D

Stock Code: HHE24123

£103.55 (exc VAT)

HF620-30.210-AS-SP010-B17-GG-B B-XA-GA-M

Stock Code: HHE13185

£63.57 (exc VAT)

HF620-20.135-AS-SP025-B02-GE-B B-XA-GA-M

Stock Code: HHE24124

£103.55 (exc VAT)

HF620-30.210-AS-SP025-B02-GG-B B-XA-GA-M

Stock Code: HHE25208

£19.20 (exc VAT)

9pcs available at special price to clear10micron Filter Can and Head1-1/4" inletElectrical Indicator128mm diameter227mm...

Stock Code: HHC01841

£19.78 (exc VAT)

HEK 45-20.135-AS-SP025-B

Stock Code: HHC01843

£37.16 (exc VAT)

HEK 45-30.155-AS-SP025-B

Stock Code: HHC01816

£50.30 (exc VAT)

HEK 45-30.210-AS-SP025-B

Stock Code: HHC01838

£19.78 (exc VAT)

HEK 45-20.135-AS-SP010-B

Stock Code: HHC01834

£37.16 (exc VAT)

HEK 45-30.155-AS-SP010-B

Stock Code: HHC01832

£50.30 (exc VAT)

HEK 45-30.210-AS-SP010-B

Stock Code: HHE18110

£61.31 (exc VAT)