Seal Kits

Genuine Casappa pump seal kits.

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Code Description Price
62046900 SEALKIT KP20 S/D 82E2 & 12E2 BUNA N £22.83 (exc VAT) Each
62046910 SEALKIT VITON KP20 S/D 82E2 £34.20 (exc VAT) Each
62047000 SEALKIT KP30 S/D 83E3 & A8 K9 BUNA N £24.95 (exc VAT) Each
62046905 SEALKIT KP/KM 20 R/B 82E2/03S1 31S1 £37.42 (exc VAT) Each
62047145 SEALKIT KM/KP30-83E3-R/B/L £38.01 (exc VAT) Each
62047179 SEALKIT KP/FP30-04S3-S/D £38.01 (exc VAT) Each
62102502 SEALKIT KP30-04S3-CS/KP20 £19.85 (exc VAT) Each