Power Pack Components

We offer a compressive range of power pack components available from stock for customers wishing to configure and assemble their own power units or to simply order spare parts.

The part numbers below represent only a small fraction of the configuration possibilities of this versatile product. Full technical specifications and ordering codes are available in our download section. Alternatively, please contact us to discuss your specific application.

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Power Pack Components
Stock Code: E36200001

£6.38 (exc VAT)

Stock Code: E36100000

£5.62 (exc VAT)

Stock Code: E36100001

£9.96 (exc VAT)

Stock Code: E60603001

£96.97 (exc VAT)

Pump code: EK1PD1.3G

Stock Code: E60603002

£96.97 (exc VAT)

Pump code: EK1PD1.6G

Stock Code: E60603003

£96.97 (exc VAT)

Pump code: EK1PD2G

Stock Code: E60604001


Light duty gear pump.

Stock Code: E60604002

£97.01 (exc VAT)

Light duty gear pump.

Stock Code: E60605002

£97.75 (exc VAT)

High pressure gear pump.

Stock Code: E60605035

£97.75 (exc VAT)

High pressure gear pump.  

Stock Code: C30401000

£56.89 (exc VAT)

The universal central manifold has recently been re-engineered. The new improved revision maintains its general...

Stock Code: CSB04C.PPC

£17.83 (exc VAT)

Max pressure 300 barMax flow 15 lpmStandard screw adjuster

Stock Code: VUC20

£7.11 (exc VAT)

Max pressure 350 barMax flow 25 lpm

Stock Code: VMDC20A1

£18.31 (exc VAT)

Max flow 20 lpmStandard screw adjusterDdirect acting

Stock Code: VMDC20B1

£18.31 (exc VAT)

Max flow 20 lpmAdjustment range 20-120 barstandard screw adjusterDirect acting

Stock Code: VSC0400.PPC

£10.52 (exc VAT)

Max pressure 300 bar0.8mm orifice

Stock Code: VSC0401.PPC

£10.52 (exc VAT)

Max pressure 300 bar1mm orifice

Stock Code: VSC0402.PPC

£10.52 (exc VAT)

Max pressure 300 bar1.25mm orifice

Stock Code: E60303001

£28.70 (exc VAT)

Stock Code: E60303004

£32.70 (exc VAT)

Stock Code: H60303016

£27.32 (exc VAT)

Stock Code: H60303018

£28.79 (exc VAT)

Stock Code: PP01370

£2.24 (exc VAT)

Stock Code: PP01E40


Stock Code: E60403004

£10.80 (exc VAT)

Stock Code: SD00A2

£76.49 (exc VAT)

Stock Code: SD00B2

£74.00 (exc VAT)

Stock Code: SD00C2

£74.00 (exc VAT)

Stock Code: M10040001

£16.39 (exc VAT)

Stock Code: F80000001

£12.52 (exc VAT)

Stock Code: E60543006

£10.76 (exc VAT)

Stock Code: E60543007

£11.65 (exc VAT)