Ikron HF705

The HF705 filters series represent the last crash barrier for the hydraulic components of a circuit’s pressure line that need a steady and absolute control as regards fluid’s contamination level.
Flow up to 30.4 US gpm (115 l/min) Maximum working pressure 5076 psi (350 bar)
Sintered bronze filter element
Bidirectional flow
Compact design 
The HF705 is particularly suggested for mounting on pilotage devices and for quick-release couplings.

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Code Description Price
HHQ00020 HF705-10.040-SB010-GC-B £64.94 (exc VAT) Each
HHQ00045 HF705-10.040-SB060-GD-B £66.10 (exc VAT) Each
HHQ00047 HF705-10.040-SB025-GD-B 1/2" £66.16 (exc VAT) Each
HHQ00520 HF705-20.070-SB025-GE-B 3/4" £85.45 (exc VAT) Each
HHQ00540 HF705-20.070-SB060-GE-B 3/4" BSP £83.89 (exc VAT) Each