Ikron HF554 Complete Filter Assemblies

The tank mounted filters HF 554 series are specifically designed to be directly connected on the return line of hydraulic circuit to safeguard it from contaminating particles.
Working pressure 116 psi (8 bar)
Extension on the oil way out of the pipe union
Fluid-decelerating diffuser
Level dipstick

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Code Description Micron Port Price
HHD04261 HF554 TANK TOP FILTER 1/2" 10MICRON 45LPM 10 1/2" £128.74 (exc VAT) Each
HHD04040 HF554 TANK TOP FILTER 3/4" 10MICRON 55LPM 10 3/4" £105.60 (exc VAT) Each
HHD10260 HF554 TANK TOP FILTER 3/4" 25MICRON 95LPM 25 3/4" £109.97 (exc VAT) Each
HHD16356 HF554 TANK TOP FILTER 1" 10MICRON 115LPM 10 1" £120.67 (exc VAT) Each